Friendly Systems
Turning Troubled Computers Into Friendly Systems


Terminal server implementation, Router configuration, Network configuration and optimization, Threat and virus removal, complete builds and rebuilds, Backup solutions and recovery solutions.


When WCC needed an I.T. staff solution with out the large overhead of an internal hire, FSI was there to build and design a network that has grown and migrated through out the years to accommodate the changes their business. From managing their proprietary software to maintaining an offsite presence that is ready to take over at any time of a power failure at the main office.  

 cvcLogo When its tax time there is no time to be down and certainly no time to deal with a computer problem. FSI ensures that each and every PC is ready for crunch time by making sure that every PC is virus and threat free as well as optimized to their best performance for the work load during tax time.


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 it's all about people

A good business understands that people make a business and that means relationships.  Like any good relationship communication is key.  Having patience and understanding is paramount but also is meeting expectations.  At FSI we try our best to accomplish this every day and that's why we have such long term customers and the list keeps growing

Team Work
You can't win alone

We understand the value and importance of a good team.  It's not just the technician at your job site but the strength of our company working for you.  We make sure to detail the work we do in our logs and keep you abreast of whats happening in your network.  Whatever the issue at hand may be you can rest assured that FSI will be there to address any issues and work with you to resolve them. 




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