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At a new client who has an employee that has been there for several years.  I found that the PC name did not match the user and asked why they never changed the PC name when they started working there.  “Never got around to it” they said.  No biggie, I renamed the PC and hit OK.  Got an error message the I don’t have the rights to do this.  I checked and found that the user is an admin but it still was not letting me change the name.  I logged in as the local machine admin and tried it that way, no luck.  The machine still continued to say I did not have permission!  I have seen this before.  I took the machine off the domain and put into a work group and reboot.  When it came up I logged into the local machine admin once again and then added the PC back on the domain and changed the name at the same time, no problem.  Reboot again.  Before I could type in the password for logging into the domain I had a bubble message where the password was that said locating or building domain table.  After waiting forever I did the three finger CTRL+ALT_DELETE again and found that it bypassed the search for the domain.  It occurred to me then that it had to be missing DNS info or going out to the Internet for this info when it was right here locally.  I set the DNS manually to point to the local server and as a backup I gave it Google’s DNS of  Reboot, no problem this time.  It found the local DNS and I was in.

Keep in mind that changing the PC name can sometimes screw up some programs that have licensing bound to the PC name.  Especially some financial programs.  In those cases look for the admin table for licenses on those programs and DE-activate the PC name you are changing.  Upon reconnecting to that program with the new PC name will usually re-activate that license for the PC.


-Tony A.