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Malware bytes and Spybot…

I have found that this is a good combination to use when searching for Trojan’s and Malware.  The paid versions offer the ability to operate in realtime memory.  If you already have a subscription to something like NOD32 running in memory then you should be fine with the free version of Malwarebytes unless your the type of person too that is too busy to remember to manually run a scan a couple times a week.  ESET does a pretty good job albeit sometimes it misses a thing here and there.  This is where Malware Bytes and Spybot come in handy.  If you run a manual scan of Malware Bytes and Spybot at least once a week you will probably find a minor threat.  Sometime ESET will detect something that it cannot remove for some reason but at least it detected it then you can use the other products to remove the infection.  ESET keeps getting better and I still think its better than the other name brand options out there.  If you interested in a good price we offer discounts sometime in our store.  To download Malwarebytes go here or  Click the FREE product.  You will either be sent to a sponsored link or a Malwarebytes direct link, either way its the same thing.  To get Spybot click here or go to and get the 1.6.2 version which is current.  After installing each product make sure to update.

On Malwarebytes there is a tab called update.  If you go too long without an update the program will download a large update that may require it to close and re-open.  If this happens run update one more time to make sure you got all the updates.  It may do a second smaller download to accomplish this.  Run the scan after all the updates.

For Spybot, uncheck un-needed items during the installation.  Like, you don’t need additional languages (unless you know you need it) nor additional skins.  Only need “download updates”.  Un-check Tea Timer and only check create icon on desktop.  This will give you a stream lined install.  Click through the Wizard that pops up after installation and go to start using the program.  Click updates and choose a server in the USA.  I recommend not using the “Tea Timer” as it really hogs resources and if you already have a product like ESET running in memory you don’t need the Tea Timer.  After downloading updates click exit and run a scan.

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