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This little problem has been such an annoyance.  Tried many suggestions found on the web from using CTRL+1 to enable single line spacing (this must have been used in an older version of Outlook because it had no affect on my machine) to clicking on the paragraph setting to change the line spacing for multiple lines and switching the parameters from auto to 0 (which by the way does not stick when re-opening).  My problem with this was not consistent however.  My problem was only when replying to an email that was html formatted and had double line spacing to begin with.  My reply would inherit the double line spacing.  I could have just used SHIFT + ENTER to get by but this was annoying as I want consistency.  I tried to locate the in C:\documents and settings\user\applicationdata\microsoft\templates (per advice I found on the web) but all I found here was for Word.  I did not have a on my machine. files recreate themselves when you launch the program again (Word or Outlook depending on the .dot)  I ended up “fixing” my problem by going to Tools>Options (Mail Format Tab) and unchecking use Word for editing email.  Even though this fixed the problem it should not be this way.  There should be a way to easily make Outlook understand that if Word is the editor and you want your emails formatted in HTML with out double line spacing you can make it so without having to jump through hoops.