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Image via Wikipedia After setting up Skype then adding more ram to my laptop I started getting an error at shutdown that said “IO Device Notification” not responding .  Found that by editing the registry key HKEY _CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, then change the value for AutoEndTasks from 0 to 1 and then reboot… fixed the problem.

Chances are that  your DNS settings on the client computers where all pointing to the server for this information.  In order to get the clients back on the Internet you need to add a secondary DNS entry.  Windows XP: Right click “My Network Places” on the desktop and select Properties Right click your “local area […]

Check with the manufacturer of the machine or your manual that came with it for beep error codes for a clue. You may have bad memory. There is a utility called memtest which a free bootable iso. You simply download the program and burn it to a CDR. You then boot to the disk and […]

The first thing you want to do to determine if this is a virus or a corrupt Windows OS at this point is to boot the computer in SAFE MODE. Do this by hitting the F8 key just after you see the BIOS screen but before the Windows logo. If you see the Windows logo […]

I don’t play on Mac‘s all that much.  I came upon a unit that needed some updates and other things and realized I did not have the admin pw.  The owner who received the machine as a gift had no idea either.  Time to perform a reset.  Here’s how: Fist find your OS X CD […]

I am always looking for better and faster ways of doing things on a PC.  I came across these shortcuts and use them everyday: Image via Wikipedia · Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows · Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer · Windows + F: Display Search for files · Windows + Ctrl […]

Malware bytes and Spybot… I have found that this is a good combination to use when searching for Trojan’s and Malware.  The paid versions offer the ability to operate in realtime memory.  If you already have a subscription to something like NOD32 running in memory then you should be fine with the free version of […]

This little problem has been such an annoyance.  Tried many suggestions found on the web from using CTRL+1 to enable single line spacing (this must have been used in an older version of Outlook because it had no affect on my machine) to clicking on the paragraph setting to change the line spacing for multiple […]

As I am sure you are well aware that Microsoft has removed this capability for security reasons on all current shipments of SBS server.  However, there is a way around it: Start>Run>GPEDIT.msc Click Computer Configuration Click Windows Settings Click Security Settings Click Local Policies Click user Rights Assignments You will see the object in the […]

I have seen a lot of great suggestions for resolving this issue and I will show those below, however if none of these work this is one simple solution….remove and re-install the print driver.  If you think about the amount of time it takes to try all of these other suggestions (as much fun as […]

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