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Sometimes little things like CTRL+ALT+DEL when connceted to a terminal server seem to slip past me.  I don’t normally have this need and the server really is not that far away.  If I really needed to reboot the server I wouild walk over to the server room and watch it reboot just to make sure […]

There are several reasons for this: You need the latest update You got the latest update and your access code was changed Your access code is corrupt and need to reset it If you cannot simply reset your access code try the procedure again by right clicking on GOTOMYPC near the clock and select “Change […]

This has been driving me nuts.  I use Word 2003 and Word 2007.  They finally got it right in 2007 as its fairly simple to fix.  Your typing along and hit return and forgot to hold down the SHIFT key so you get a double carriage return.  Back space and try it again with the […]


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