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At a new client who has an employee that has been there for several years.  I found that the PC name did not match the user and asked why they never changed the PC name when they started working there.  “Never got around to it” they said.  No biggie, I renamed the PC and hit OK.  Got an error message the I don’t have the rights to do this.  I checked and found that the user is an admin but it still was not letting me change the name.  I logged in as the local machine admin and tried it that way, no luck.  The machine still continued to say I did not have permission!  I have seen this before.  I took the machine off the domain and put into a work group and reboot.  When it came up I logged into the local machine admin once again and then added the PC back on the domain and changed the name at the same time, no problem.  Reboot again.  Before I could type in the password for logging into the domain I had a bubble message where the password was that said locating or building domain table.  After waiting forever I did the three finger CTRL+ALT_DELETE again and found that it bypassed the search for the domain.  It occurred to me then that it had to be missing DNS info or going out to the Internet for this info when it was right here locally.  I set the DNS manually to point to the local server and as a backup I gave it Google’s DNS of  Reboot, no problem this time.  It found the local DNS and I was in.

Keep in mind that changing the PC name can sometimes screw up some programs that have licensing bound to the PC name.  Especially some financial programs.  In those cases look for the admin table for licenses on those programs and DE-activate the PC name you are changing.  Upon reconnecting to that program with the new PC name will usually re-activate that license for the PC.


-Tony A.

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Sometimes little things like CTRL+ALT+DEL when connceted to a terminal server seem to slip past me.  I don’t normally have this need and the server really is not that far away.  If I really needed to reboot the server I wouild walk over to the server room and watch it reboot just to make sure everything came back up correctly.  Well, the lazy got to the other day since I hurt my knee over the weekend and I did not feel like walking to the server room and I needed to reboot the machine.  Ok, enough with the story, its really easy, just do CTRL+ALT+END.   This will bring up the window with all the CTRL+ALT+DEL options.  Choose reboot, shutdown or task manager.

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Chances are that  your DNS settings on the client computers where all pointing to the server for this information.  In order to get the clients back on the Internet you need to add a secondary DNS entry. 

Windows XP:

  1. Right click “My Network Places” on the desktop and select Properties
  2. Right click your “local area connection” icon and select Properties
  3. Double click Internet Protocol [TCP/IP]
  4. Enter the secondary DNS IP address (You may need to get this from your IT person or use something like from AT&T]
  5. Click OK and close windows.
  6. You should now be able to surf the web.
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Check with the manufacturer of the machine or your manual that came with it for beep error codes for a clue. You may have bad memory. There is a utility called memtest which a free bootable iso. You simply download the program and burn it to a CDR. You then boot to the disk and run the memory tester. If you find an error then you need to remove one of the DIMMS to determine which one it is if you have a pair installed on your motherboard. Depending on the beep code it could be something else but its a place to start.

A photo of a microATX motherboard with an AMD ...
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The first thing you want to do to determine if this is a virus or a corrupt Windows OS at this point is to boot the computer in SAFE MODE. Do this by hitting the F8 key just after you see the BIOS screen but before the Windows logo. If you see the Windows logo you have missed your opportunity and need to try again. Hitting the F8 key several times just after the BIOS comes up will likely get you to the safe mode menu. Select Safe Mode.

If the machine boots all the way into windows with out trouble then chances are you have a corrupt driver loading in normal mode and to double check this theory you want to disable start up items. Go to Start>Run and type msconfig. Click the “Startup Tab” click disable all start up items, try rebooting and see if you can get all the way into Windows in normal mode. If this fails, then reboot into safe mode.

If you have an anti virus program or anti spyware you should run it in safe mode. Unfortunately you may not have the latest definitions for those programs unless you are really good about keeping them up to date. If by any chance you have Spybot installed and just not updated you can download the includes file from their website to updated it from a thumb drive and then scan.

If all else fails you could try doing a safe re-installation of windows which will preserve your files. If you can get into safe mode then you should definitely grab your sensitive files and copy them to a USB drive right away. This is a start

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I don’t play on Mac‘s all that much.  I came upon a unit that needed some updates and other things and realized I did not have the admin pw.  The owner who received the machine as a gift had no idea either.  Time to perform a reset.  Here’s how:

Fist find your OS X CD :Reboot

    • Hold down APPLE+S after you hear the Mac sound
    • When you see a command prompt type:
    • mount -uw
      Image representing OS X as depicted in CrunchBase
      Image via CrunchBase
    • rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone    (use caps as shown)
    • shutdown -h now
    • After rebooting you will have a brand new admin account.  This does not destroy data.
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      I am always looking for better and faster ways of doing things on a PC.  I came across these shortcuts and use them everyday:

      Windows 7 is the latest stable Windows operati...
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      Windows + D: Minimize or
      restore all windows

      Windows + E: Display Windows

      Windows + F: Display Search for

      Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for

      Windows + F1: Display Help and
      Support Center

      Windows + R: Display Run dialog

      Windows + break: Display System
      Properties dialog box

      Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all

      Windows + L: Lock the

      Windows + U: Open Utility

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      Malware bytes and Spybot…

      I have found that this is a good combination to use when searching for Trojan’s and Malware.  The paid versions offer the ability to operate in realtime memory.  If you already have a subscription to something like NOD32 running in memory then you should be fine with the free version of Malwarebytes unless your the type of person too that is too busy to remember to manually run a scan a couple times a week.  ESET does a pretty good job albeit sometimes it misses a thing here and there.  This is where Malware Bytes and Spybot come in handy.  If you run a manual scan of Malware Bytes and Spybot at least once a week you will probably find a minor threat.  Sometime ESET will detect something that it cannot remove for some reason but at least it detected it then you can use the other products to remove the infection.  ESET keeps getting better and I still think its better than the other name brand options out there.  If you interested in a good price we offer discounts sometime in our store.  To download Malwarebytes go here or  Click the FREE product.  You will either be sent to a sponsored link or a Malwarebytes direct link, either way its the same thing.  To get Spybot click here or go to and get the 1.6.2 version which is current.  After installing each product make sure to update.

      On Malwarebytes there is a tab called update.  If you go too long without an update the program will download a large update that may require it to close and re-open.  If this happens run update one more time to make sure you got all the updates.  It may do a second smaller download to accomplish this.  Run the scan after all the updates.

      For Spybot, uncheck un-needed items during the installation.  Like, you don’t need additional languages (unless you know you need it) nor additional skins.  Only need “download updates”.  Un-check Tea Timer and only check create icon on desktop.  This will give you a stream lined install.  Click through the Wizard that pops up after installation and go to start using the program.  Click updates and choose a server in the USA.  I recommend not using the “Tea Timer” as it really hogs resources and if you already have a product like ESET running in memory you don’t need the Tea Timer.  After downloading updates click exit and run a scan.

      ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4
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      This little problem has been such an annoyance.  Tried many suggestions found on the web from using CTRL+1 to enable single line spacing (this must have been used in an older version of Outlook because it had no affect on my machine) to clicking on the paragraph setting to change the line spacing for multiple lines and switching the parameters from auto to 0 (which by the way does not stick when re-opening).  My problem with this was not consistent however.  My problem was only when replying to an email that was html formatted and had double line spacing to begin with.  My reply would inherit the double line spacing.  I could have just used SHIFT + ENTER to get by but this was annoying as I want consistency.  I tried to locate the in C:\documents and settings\user\applicationdata\microsoft\templates (per advice I found on the web) but all I found here was for Word.  I did not have a on my machine. files recreate themselves when you launch the program again (Word or Outlook depending on the .dot)  I ended up “fixing” my problem by going to Tools>Options (Mail Format Tab) and unchecking use Word for editing email.  Even though this fixed the problem it should not be this way.  There should be a way to easily make Outlook understand that if Word is the editor and you want your emails formatted in HTML with out double line spacing you can make it so without having to jump through hoops.

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      There are several reasons for this:

      • You need the latest update
      • You got the latest update and your access code was changed
      • Your access code is corrupt and need to reset it

      If you cannot simply reset your access code try the procedure again by right clicking on GOTOMYPC near the clock and select “Change Access Code”.  Instead of entering a new code here click “forgot your access code”  you will be prompted for your old code and then enter a new code twice.

      If you still are having trouble and getting errors when launching or errors connecting remotely then you may need to re-install the program.

      and…there is always tech support at 888-259-3826

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